The Journey of Bally Girl into Weight Loss

Well, not only me really – I managed to drag my family into as well.  Why? Well, once you hit the level of wondering just how far the human skin will in fact stretch, you start thinking that it may be time to put the brakes on.  So we did. Without revealing too much about my weight (a woman never, ever does that), I’m happy to talk about my husbands weight journey – hoping of course that he never finds out!

My husband found himself at around 115kgs at one point which by any standards is large unless you are a major league professional footballer, which he isn’t (despite his protestations that he could have been at one time!).  But he had to lose weight (we both did) as it was obvious that his clothes weren’t fitting – have you ever seen someone doing up the top button of a shirt with a tie while the veins in their forehead start to bulge?).

There was a reason for his weight gain though having undergone a series of stomach operations that were complicated and required considerable recovery – and so the weight goes up. But it was time, we both knew that, and so the journey began in earnest on January 01, 2013.

How did we do that? Determination was the key – and simply having had enough of how we looked and felt.  A saying I recall was that “No food tastes as good as that of being slimmer”.  It’s true.  We both remembered what it was like to feel fitter, to look better and to enjoy life in general.  We had lost those feelings somewhere.

We started a couple of things in concert with other things.  We exercised regularly (even our dogs were fat if you can believe it), we started to eat smarter and more often with the idea of getting rid of things such as bread, butter, fat, certain fruit groups and certain vegetable groups.  We concentrated on being aware of our intakes – and we encourged each other.

In no time, my husband was down to 105kgs………….and then 100kgs.  I had lost over 7kgs myself and today we are feeling great.  We do have a way to go, but we will maintain our eating ‘style’ to get there.  Don’t get me wrong – it isn’t easy.  But this time seemed easier than others.

We have our ‘breakout days’ when we wil eat whatever we feel like – but these ‘breakout days’ are about once per month.  After that day, we hit our ‘diet plan’ for two straight days and we’re back on track.

Now, without bombarding you with advertisements and commercials, sometimes we need help.  Exercise, a sensible diet and a medical check up are essential to make sure you are healthy enough.  But occasionally, we need a kick start into any diet.

For this, we recommend that you visit one of the websites below.  It isn’t all for everyone, but you may just find something that works for you:

Please let me know how you do.  As a sideline, our dogs are feeling better also having lost a couple of kgs – but more on them later!

Also, you may find these articles and post of interest.  We recommend:

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