The Real Cost of Obesity – It’s Really More Than We Can Afford!

Always shaking your head at the rising tax rates that you have to pay? If so, you may want to consider the role you could possibly be in contributing to those spikes.  There is absolutely no question about it, more and more money is being dumped into the medical system these days and a very large portion of that increase is due to the burden being placed upon it by those individuals who are overweight and obese.

All it takes is to walk into any major shopping center and you can see for yourself just how much of the population is currently suffering from a body weight problem.  The rates are alarming.

Let’s look at what this increased rate of obesity is costing you personally and what you should be doing to control it.

The Cost Of Obesity

Right now, more than one third of all U.S. citizens are classified as being obese.  Along with this increase in body weight, we’re also seeing record high trends of diabetes, heart disease, stroke, as well as certain forms of cancer, all of which require extensive medical treatment.

Never before has the demand for health care been as high as it is now, much of which is easily contributable to poor food choices and an inactive lifestyle.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that in 2008, the medical costs that were associated with treating obesity related conditions were around $147 billion dollars. Given that this is a few years ago, chances are the price of obesity is even higher today.

Looking at things from an individual perspective, it’s been noted that the yearly medical costs for those who are obese are $1429 higher than those who were of a healthy weight.

The facts are clear, being overweight definitely comes at a price not just to you, but to the entire health care system.

Questioning The Role You Play

So your job right now is to sit back and consider how you are contributing to this trend. Are you suffering from excess weight?

Are you taking steps to ensure that you eat a healthy diet so that you can promote an overall healthier body that requires less medical attention?

How often are you being physically active throughout the week?

If you aren’t doing your part to lead a healthier lifestyle, using a good diet and getting in more physical activity whenever possible, you are in part to blame for the higher taxes you might be paying along with the increased medical costs the country is facing.

While you may feel that you’re just one person and won’t make any difference, you will. If everyone starts being more responsible for their own actions, it will add up and help to reverse these trends.

And, if you’re struggling to get started, know that there are products out there that can help you.  Consider utilizing a weight loss support supplement such as Adiphene, which can make the process easier.

With its help and a good action plan, you can maintain a healthy body weight that won’t tax the system.

Our Eating Behaviours – Laid Bare!!

It’s absolutely no secret that the foods that you put into your mouth on a day to day basis are going to have a large influence over your body weight.  To neglect this fact would be to play ignorant to what could be, one of the biggest health care problems facing society today: obesity.

With obesity rates rising at an alarming speed, it’s time that we start to look a little more closely at the foods that we’re putting in our body on a day to day basis.

Let’s take a quick peak at a few of the scary stats to be aware of and how you can adopt a healthier habit to combat them.

Eating Speed

If you’re trying to lose weight but aren’t seeing much success, you may want to consider just how fast you’re scarfing down your meals.  25% of Americans reportedly eat too fast and don’t give their body a chance to register that it’s had enough food.

Remember, the digestion process takes time and if you’re eating faster than your body can keep up, your chances of consuming far too many calories will be at a record high.

The ‘Clean-Plate Club’

Another big problem is the mindset that you must clean your plate. 27% of people always clean their plate, regardless of whether they are hungry our not.

While some may do this because they don’t want to be wasteful, most do it because they just don’t give it much thought. They eat what they are served. Period.

But, often this comes at a price. We’re dishing up extra larger serving sizes onto our plates, providing us with, at times, over 100% more than we should be eating.

Use smaller plates at meal time to combat this problem if you really must be a part of the ‘clean your plate’ club.

Regulating Your Hunger

If you want to achieve long-term weight loss success, it’s important that you learn how to regulate your eating habits according to your hunger.  But yet, most people are widely out of touch with their own hunger levels.

They’ve been told to eat or not eat at certain times in the day and have lost touch completely with the natural cues their body is sending them.

Instead, focus on your hunger. Before each meal or scheduled eating time, really pay attention to your body and ask whether you truly need the food or not. If you don’t, pass.

Over time, it’ll get easier and you’ll be better able to self-regulate your own food intake.

Take Your Time At Meals

Finally, the last scary state is that 29% of US people eat their entire dinner without ever putting their fork down. This can also increase the risk of eating too fast, which was a problem as noted above and put you in jeopardy of experiencing weight gain.

Put down your fork, take your time, and enjoy your food. Not only will meal time be better, but you’ll reduce the risk of eating too much as well.

So keep these tips in mind. Pair them with a smart fat loss supplement such as Adiphene and you can put your weight loss woes behind you for good.

Are You Worried About Heart Disease? You Should Be!

One of the conditions that is the leading cause of death right now in the United States is heart disease. And while this condition definitely does have some genetic linkage to it, there is more to it than that.  Heart disease is very much influenced by your lifestyle habits that over time, can contribute to your body weight and health status.

Let’s look a bit closer at how your own individual choices could be putting you at a serious risk for heart disease.

Heart Disease Stats

Right now, there are 27.1 million US adults that have been diagnosed by heart disease, making this easily one of the leading health concerns of the control.

11.8% of the population currently has been diagnosed with the condition and an even great number of people are currently at risk for developing it in time.

Sadly, 195.2 people out of every 100,000 die from heart disease, proving this condition can be very fatal.  This condition is also more prevalent in men as they are more likely to have been told by a doctor that they are suffering from coronary heart disease than females have.

Bad Choices And Your Heart Disease Risk

So how are your daily choices impacting your risk for heart disease?

The first contributing factor is a very poor diet.  We are eating diets that are very rich in simple sugars and carbohydrates, which will then increase our triglyceride levels in the blood, which can lead to the increased formation of plaque around the arteries.

Additionally, we’re also consuming foods that are very high in saturated and trans fats, two types of fats that are very linked to the development of cardiovascular disease.

Couple this with the fact that we’re participating in less physical activity an ever before and it’s plain to see that our heart health is being placed in jeopardy.

Where To Go From Here

So where can we go from here?

The first step you need to take is working on improving your diet.  Your diet should consist of an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables, along with lean proteins and plenty of healthy fats.  Healthy fats can enrich your heart health, rather than take away from it. Make sure to eat fish at least twice per week as it’s one of the leading sources of healthy fats in the human diet.

Also focus on being more active. Don’t think you need to do a formal exercise program – just get in more physical activity wherever you can. It will pay off.

Both of these should help you work towards obtaining a healthier body weight, but in addition to these things, also be sure to utilize a good weight loss supplement to make the process faster and easier.  Consider checking into Adiphene, which is one of the leading products available.

If you do your part, you can take comfort in knowing that you’re doing everything possible to reduce your own risk of heart disease development.


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The Journey of Bally Girl into Weight Loss

Well, not only me really – I managed to drag my family into as well.  Why? Well, once you hit the level of wondering just how far the human skin will in fact stretch, you start thinking that it may be time to put the brakes on.  So we did. Without revealing too much about my weight (a woman never, ever does that), I’m happy to talk about my husbands weight journey – hoping of course that he never finds out!

My husband found himself at around 115kgs at one point which by any standards is large unless you are a major league professional footballer, which he isn’t (despite his protestations that he could have been at one time!).  But he had to lose weight (we both did) as it was obvious that his clothes weren’t fitting – have you ever seen someone doing up the top button of a shirt with a tie while the veins in their forehead start to bulge?).

There was a reason for his weight gain though having undergone a series of stomach operations that were complicated and required considerable recovery – and so the weight goes up. But it was time, we both knew that, and so the journey began in earnest on January 01, 2013.

How did we do that? Determination was the key – and simply having had enough of how we looked and felt.  A saying I recall was that “No food tastes as good as that of being slimmer”.  It’s true.  We both remembered what it was like to feel fitter, to look better and to enjoy life in general.  We had lost those feelings somewhere.

We started a couple of things in concert with other things.  We exercised regularly (even our dogs were fat if you can believe it), we started to eat smarter and more often with the idea of getting rid of things such as bread, butter, fat, certain fruit groups and certain vegetable groups.  We concentrated on being aware of our intakes – and we encourged each other.

In no time, my husband was down to 105kgs………….and then 100kgs.  I had lost over 7kgs myself and today we are feeling great.  We do have a way to go, but we will maintain our eating ‘style’ to get there.  Don’t get me wrong – it isn’t easy.  But this time seemed easier than others.

We have our ‘breakout days’ when we wil eat whatever we feel like – but these ‘breakout days’ are about once per month.  After that day, we hit our ‘diet plan’ for two straight days and we’re back on track.

Now, without bombarding you with advertisements and commercials, sometimes we need help.  Exercise, a sensible diet and a medical check up are essential to make sure you are healthy enough.  But occasionally, we need a kick start into any diet.

For this, we recommend that you visit one of the websites below.  It isn’t all for everyone, but you may just find something that works for you:

Please let me know how you do.  As a sideline, our dogs are feeling better also having lost a couple of kgs – but more on them later!

Some Blogs to Enjoy

Since I started this site a few weeks ago we have had some amazing responses to our blogs and articles, as well as the products that we promote.  Thank you to all concerned.

In particular, we have had real support in some blogs referencing our work and articles, which we greatly appreciate.

We do recommend for the content and the articles that are contained.  The stories are great, as are the recipes, and we do encourage you to have a look and enjoy.

We will post more of these sites as we go and indeed follow them, as we encourage you to do.


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With the key ingredient being Glucomannan (Konjac mannan) the product gets to work by swelling the inside of your stomach leaving you feeling full and preventing you from overeating. This ingredient can absorb up to 200 times its weight in water!

Nuratrim also contains Green Coffee and Licorice Extract which combined helps to speed up your metabolic rate and work at reducing your body mass and fat.

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How does Nuratrim work?

Nuratrim takes advantage of some powerful natural ingredients, which are proven to tackle key weight problems. These include:

Glucomannan – Glucomannan is one of the most effective water-soluble dietary fibre sources, and can absorb 200 times its weight in water. This ingredient can help you feel fuller for longer, helping you combat over eating and mid meal snacks.

Licorice Extract – Licorice Extract has been clinically proven to help speed up metabolism, which in turn helps you burn more calories faster. Tests have shown that those taking at least 200mg of Licorice Extract experienced significant decreases in body fat, body weight, body mass index, and LDL cholesterol levels.

Green Coffee – Studies have found that Chlorogenic Acid Enriched Coffee (green coffee) has a significant effect on the absorption and utilization of gluco which lead to weight loss in participants.

Capsicum – Capsicum is a highly effective metabolism booster which comes from the Chili family. Studies have found that Capsicum can increase calorie burning significantly if followed by a good diet and exercise.

Is Nuratrim Effective?

One of the greatest advantages that I took from Nuratrim is the fact that cuts up to 20% of your calories.

Nuratrim is basically a “weight loss” supplement that helps you with your weight loss goals. The reason why the Nuratrim shows effective results is because:

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This is an “all in one” capsule that pretty much does everything that you will need when you are trying to lose weight.

How Do You Use Nuratrim?

Nutratrim is meant to be taken once a day in the morning time with your breakfast and a glass of water.


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Foods that Help You Control Hunger Levels

We generally associate becoming overweight with eating, which is quite true, but it is also true that there are foods and other consumables that will actually help up to feel less hungry, and be less inclined to snack or overeat at mealtimes.  Whether you combine these foods and beverages with other dietary supplements, these can definitely assist you in keeping hunger pangs at a distance.

Water is actually one of nature’s best appetite controls.  It has been found that drinking a glass of water before a meal helps you to eat less.  Water fills your stomach and tells your brain that you really are not feeling that hungry.  Besides drinking water before a meal, you can also do this whenever you start to feel hungry between meals.  There is some speculation that when we become even a bit dehydrated, our brains confuse this with hunger and tell us to eat rather than drink.  Just drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day can help you to control your hunger.

Foods with a lot of fiber also help us to keep hunger suppressed.  These foods fill us up and stay in our systems longer than other kinds of food, so we will be able to go longer between meals or snacking.  Vegetables such as cabbage or lettuce not only make us feel full, but as the amount of calories needed to digest these foods is equal to the caloric content of the foods themselves, you literally cannot eat too many of them.  Do not, however, fall into the trap of dousing these with a lot of high calorie dressing – any advantage will then be lost.  You can add some cheddar cheese to your salad to give it more ‘body’, and this will also help it stay with you longer.

If you enjoy drinking smoothies, these delectable drinks are another good way to feel full.  You can make a low calorie, filling smoothie by using yogurt, soy milk, and fruit such as bananas or strawberries.  Not only will you feel full, but you will also be getting plenty of protein from the yogurt and soy milk.

All of us are familiar with the saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away,” but an update to that could well be, “An apple a day keeps hunger at bay.”  Apples contain a good amount of fiber that helps to fill us up and stop us from feeling hungry.   Besides containing fiber and some vitamins and minerals, apples also contain water, which also helps to suppress hunger cravings.  Besides apples, munching on popcorn that has been prepared without the use of fats can also help to fill you up for few calories.

A few adjustments to your diet, substituting foods that will control hunger for ones saturated with calories will soon have a positive effect on your weight.

Why do Appetite Suppressants Really Work?

There are a number of reasons why diets fail: the food may be unappetizing or the caloric intake too restrictive.  However, one very common reason why a diet plan is abandoned is that the dieter simply cannot resist the cravings for food that will inevitably occur.  After you have eaten a meal, your body converts your food into glucose so that it can be used to nourish you.  Higher levels of glucose in the blood are what help you to feel full after you have eaten.  However, as your body uses the glucose, the levels drop and you will begin to feel like you want a snack.  Another reason that you will feel cravings when dieting is because you have become accustomed to eating frequently, and these craving are based more on behavior than on metabolism.  It will take time for your body to adjust to the new, lower caloric amounts, and until it does, you will feel hungry nearly all the time.

One way to get around these food cravings is to consider using appetite suppressants.  These are available as both prescription and over-the-counter products and can help you to control cravings and hopefully lose weight.  There are several ways that appetite suppressants might be able to help you shed some excess pounds.  Some appetite suppressants work by altering the chemicals in your brain so that you will think that you are full, regardless of when you have actually eaten and others simply dampen your appetite – either way you will probably be inclined to eat less than you normally would

Another problem with excessive weight gain is that in many cases, the stomach has increased in size to accommodate the large amounts of food it has to handle.  This is where appetite suppressants might be a great help.  If you are able to decrease the physical amount of food you eat every day, it is likely that you stomach will return to its normal size and you simply will not require as much food to feel satisfied.

Most people find that they do not have to take appetite suppressants forever, generally several weeks or months are enough to help the dieter get over the hump of cravings and start to return their body to normal.  Supplements based upon natural products have been found to be of some help in weight loss programs.  While the results that any individual achieves will vary, appetite suppressants can help you to reach your weight goal.

UniqueHoodia – The Ultimate Appetite Suppressant

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What exactly is Hoodia and what are the Real Benefits of Hoodia?

The Kalahari Desert in southern Africa is a harsh environment that is home to the Bushmen people.  It is always a struggle to stay alive in conditions of temperature extremes (blistering hot by day, freezing at night), scant water, and scarcity of game that are found in this challenging region.  Hunger is often a common condition with these people, but they discovered a way to suppress the pangs when on a hunting expedition, and this was to chew on the pulp from the stems of the Hoodia plant.

There are quite a few different Hoodias, but the one used to prepared appetite suppressant supplements is Hoodia gordonii, which is found throughout the region of southern Africa.  Although this Hoodia looks quite a bit like a cactus, right down to a spiky exterior, it is actually a succulent.  It was probably hunger that drove the Bushmen at some point to try eating what would otherwise not look like a very palatable plant, especially since the flowers smell like rotten meat.  Undoubtedly, after a desperate experiment, it was found that the hunger pains abated and the people in the group were able to continue in their search for food more comfortably.  Hoodia gordonii may help suppresses thirst.

During an anthropological expedition to the Kalahari Desert in 1937, it was discovered by the European researcher that the objects of his study, the Bushmen, used Hoodia to suppress their hunger.  It was not until several decades later, however, that research into this succulent really began into the potential of this plant to aid with weight loss.  Experiments with animals did seem to yield positive results, and further testing isolated an ingredient called P57.  Although it was thought at first that Hoodia was simply broken down by the body’s metabolism, it has since been discovered that it will enter the bloodstream, allowing it to act on the brain’s chemistry.

Although the benefits of Hoodia in appetite suppression and weight reduction have not been subjected to rigorous scientific trials, investigation into the qualities of this plant is ongoing.   Experiments with rats have shown that those animals that were given Hoodia did eat less than those that were not.  It is thought that the active ingredient in Hoodia, P57, does affect the ATP (adenosine triphosphate) to cause suppression of the appetite.  Breaking the cycle of continuous hunger and cravings while dieting is one of the most important steps to losing weight, and it is thought that Hoodia supplements could help with sensible weight loss.  Informal trials with people who need to lose weight have shown that those who were given Hoodia rather than a placebo did eat less.

One of the worst things about dieting is what might be called the dieter’s obsession with food.  Not only do you have to measure, weigh, and analyze nearly everything that you put into your mouth, but you also have to deal with the hunger and cravings that a restrictive diet results in.  How easy will it be for anyone to confine themselves to 1,000 calories or less every day, especially if they have been eating 3 or 4 times as much?  It is really no wonder that so many diet programs do not work, and leave the person not only depressed over another failure, but often even heavier than when they began.

How many people have wished that they could somehow just turn off their hunger?  While there is no magic wand to wave to do this, you might find that hoodia may help to suppress your feeling of hunger while you diet.  This South African succulent could be the answer to hunger pangs and cravings.  The reason why hoodia seems able to do this is because of a substance in this plant, P57, which acts on the part of the brain that controls appetite.  Basically, hoodia gordonii does seem to ‘flip a switch’ to turn off feelings of hunger.

The search for a reasonable and safe way to lose weight has become more focused since the removal of several dangerous diet products from the market.  Suppressing the appetite is an excellent way to deal with hunger while dieting because if you do not feel hungry, you will not be tempted to eat.  Taking a hoodia supplement before meals will keep your portion reasonable, and you will feel full while eating less.

Many diet plans are a combination of caloric restrictions and exercise.  When you are using hoodia you can certainly exercise to maximize your weight loss, but it is not really necessary at all.  If you are too busy to work out, you may find that hoodia gordonii could help you lose weight without exercising.

Overeating does not just entail piling up food on your plate at mealtimes; it also involves eating nearly every waking minute.  If you are used to munching on a snack while watching television or a film or while reading a book, you are simply adding to your caloric load for the day.  Some people also overeat in response to emotional needs such as dealing with stress or worry.  Hoodia could also help with eating problems such as these – you just will not have the desire to pick at a bag of corn chips or open another box of chocolates.

Make sure that the hoodia product that you choose is actually hoodia gordonii.  Hoodia gordonii comes from a fairly large family of succulents, but seems to be the only one with the ability to suppress appetite.  Remember to drink adequate amounts of water while taking hoodia as it not only suppresses appetite, but thirst as well.

Unique Hoodia Worldwide Claims
• May help suppress appetite (based on traditional use)
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