A Fat House, Fat Dogs and Cats and a Fat Family – Is it just me or does everything seem LARGE today?

Well, for some reason today just seems BIG!  For no particular reason – everything just seems big today!

My husband and I still continue on our weight loss pilgrimage and so far, since January 01, 2013, we have lost a total of 26kgs now.  Don’t get me wrong, we are both extremely happy and are certainly motivated to keeping it up.

But do you notice that on those days when you haven’t lost a damn thing (and like today seem to have put on 1.2kgs – but who’s counting, eh?) that nearly everything seems larger?  Is it just me?

We walked our dogs today and I have to say they aren’t the largest dogs in the world – both are little white maltese crosses with a combined height of about 2 inches (they don’t know that though – they think they are HUGE!).  But as I was walking them – they seemed over-weight to me.  I really know that they are (they will eat anything and everything) but they seemed bigger today than yesterday!

My husband looks bigger today as well.  I don’t know why – he only put on about 0.0002gms but he looks enormous……………today!  Even the damn house looks like it has put on weight in the last 24 hours.

I think that, as we head into the third month now of our diet, I am starting to get stronger cravings as well.  Yesterday, I needed a piece of bread.  A simple thing – but I would have gladly taken someone’s kidney out (even my own of course!) if it meant having a piece of bread, preferably toasted with 5 pounds of butter smeared across it!

But it passes.  It’s the internal motivation that keeps us going to succeed – plus friends, family, two little white dogs and blogs on the net that help us all through.

Where ever you are if you are struggling at the moment (with whatever addiction you may have) take some solace in the fact that you aren’t alone.  Talk to someone, blog someone or just read the blogs of others – it will help you to keep the strength that we all need.

Now, does anyone know anything about liposuction for dogs……?


New Product – Tea-Tone Plus – Green Tea Diet Supplements

Tea-Tone Plus – A New Green Tea Supplement

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Tea-Tone Plus is a brand new weight loss pill from RDK Global, the company behind the bestselling Phen375 diet pills. Tea-Tone Plus contains 3 premium quality tea extracts, bringing all the benefits of drinking green tea to a pill, to fit in with the demands of a busy lifestyle.

With its advanced formula that is 100% natural, Tea-Tone Plus may aid weight loss, reduce appetite and aid digestion, as well as being a great source of anti-oxidents.

Some Background for You on the Benefits of Green Tea

Tea has been cultivated and consumed by numerous cultures throughout the world for centuries. In fact, tea consumption is second only to water across the globe. Cultures in which tea is the primary beverage and is consumed throughout the lifespan exhibit lower levels of cholesterol, obesity, diabetes and degenerative bone loss, and enjoy an overall higher level of health. Although practitioners of traditional medicine in Indian and Chinese cultures have long used tea to treat illness and disease, Western researchers are now turning their attention to the preventative and restorative powers of tea.

While all tea comes from the same base plant, Camellia sinensis, three main varieties are created through the manner in which the tea leaves are processed. Green tea is made from tea leaves that are left unfermented. The active ingredients within green tea are catechins; a sub-class of flavonoids. These complex organic molecules are highly powerful antioxidant compounds which are believed to be critical in reducing the risk of various diseases. In relation to weight loss, research suggests that catechins play several roles in losing weight and burning fat.

One study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition looked at 100 healthy adults over a 12-week study period. Participants were divided into groups and given a daily dose of either 625mg catechins or a control beverage with caffeine added to match the levels of the catechin beverage. They also agreed to perform 180 minutes of moderate intensity exercise each week. The results of the study found that participants who had consumed catechins lost more body weight than the control group, and also that they lost more abdominal and subcutaneous fat than those participants who did not receive catechins.

Another study focused on the measurable ability of green tea extract to inhibit the digestion of fat. This study was conducted in test tubes, and not within the human body. However, over a 12 week period, researchers observed a reduced amount of fat digested with the addition of green tea extract. The results were comparable to the effects of the prescription weight loss drug Xenical.

These results are just a small sample of the scientific research that proves the weight loss and overall health benefits of green tea. In addition, unlike many synthetic or chemical weight loss methods, tea therapies are all-natural and completely safe! There are no worries that your body won’t react favorably to tea, or that you may experience a frightening list of adverse side effects. There are no studies that warn of any negative effects of tea.

Advanced Tea Tone Plus is not a weight loss fad. It is not a synthetic, untested material cooked up in a lab and sold as a weight loss “miracle.” The proprietary formula that makes up our supplements simply takes advantage of the known benefits of a combined tea therapy regimen and adds the powerhouse of raspberry ketone. By combining all four ingredients in one supplement, your body is able to take advantage of the synergistic properties of the blend, each helping the other to be more effective in reducing weight, burning fat, and increasing alertness and vitality.

  • May aid weight loss
  • May reduce appetite
  • May aid in digestion
  • May help support concentration and memory function
  • Good source of antioxidants
  • May improve energy

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The Overweight Body: How Excess Fat Effects Your Organs

The Overweight Body: How Excess Fat Effects Your Organs

One of the greatest dangers of being overweight and carrying so much excess body fat is that this fat can start to influence the way in which all your organs function.

While you may be strictly focused on how badly you think that excess body fat makes you look, never discount the importance of the role it will play on your overall body functioning.

Let’s have a closer look at some of the main issues associated with excess fat and your organs.

Reproductive System

The first group of organs that will be impacted by excess body fat is the reproductive system.  Males who are overweight may not have properly functioning reproductive organs and may in fact become infertile.

If a male is very overweight and the couple is having trouble conceiving, this definitely should be looked into as this could be the primary reason why.

For females, having too much excess body fat can also pose a problem. Typically the major issues lie in too little body fat for women, which causes menstruation to stop, but too much body fat in some extreme cases can do so as well.

The Digestive System

The second group of organs that will be impacted by excess weight is your digestive system.  When so much body fat has accumulated the liver and pancreas will not function as effectively, and if there is constantly a high intake of glucose rich foods coming into the body which is what’s contributing to the weight gain in the first place, the pancreas may start to become very overworked as it puts insulin production into overdrive and this could set you up for long-term health problems such as the development of diabetes.

Maintaining a healthier diet with all the vital nutrients the body needs along with sufficient dietary fibre will help to keep the digestive system organs in proper working order.

Cardiovascular System

Finally, the last group of organs that will really be impacted by excess body fat is your cardiovascular system organs.

The blood vessels may start to experience an increase in plaque build-up as high cholesterol levels start taking place in the body and the heart is going to have to work harder and harder to transport all that additional body weight around.

This can eventually place a great deal of strain on this system and lead to heart disease or even heart attack.

Working to maintain a healthier body weight is important for good cardiovascular function and often this is one of the biggest benefits you see upon losing excess weight – your heart condition improves.

So there you have just a few of the different organ systems that will be impacted when you begin to grow overweight.

Being overweight is much more than just about looks. If you’re not careful there could be some serious health problems that you put yourself up to experience in the long run if you don’t take steps to get the weight problem under control.

To achieve better dietary success this time around, eat a diet that’s rich in lean proteins, high in fruits and vegetables, and that contains moderate amounts of healthy fats such as nuts, nut butters, fatty fish, and olive oil.