It’s all about You!

Health and Well Being (or ‘Wellness’) are more familiar terms today than over the past decades.  However of all of the issues and subject matter we can discuss, one is particularly of interest to a great many people.  Weight Loss.

A saying that I recall once was “There’s no food that tastes as good as that of being slimmer”.  It’s true.  My husband and I are currently undertaking a weight loss regime that has seen us lose a total of nearly 19kgs since January 01, 2013.

I am no different to anyone else.  Weight loss has increasing become an issue for us as we age, live the wonderful lifestyle and enjoy ourselves a bit more than we should.  It takes it’s toll however, and there are times when we all think we need to lose that few extra kilograms or pounds to ‘get back into shape’.  Sometimes, we also need a little help to do that.  I know how hard it can be, I know how difficult it is to get started – and then to stay motivated.

This site is designed to bring you the latest information available on various products which may assist you with your weight loss program, whichever one you choose, while also providing you with information on other Products and Programs available in the health and beauty space.  Weight loss diets and programs have been around for nearly as long as civilisation itself, so finding the various products that can supplement your program can be difficult.  I know this because of course it was difficult for me when I started.   We all need a little help.

This site is dedicated to bringing you the latest information in the areas of weight loss, health and well-being. It will also discuss other things, such as my love of animals (and do I have some stories about ours!), some very, very closely held recipes that everyone seems to want and even some of our travel diaries.

I started this site after both my husband and I were wondering just how far the human skin could stretch as we packed on the weight.  Even our dogs got fat, or so it seemed.  As the house started to expand, we decided to do something about it. We hope that you do to – it really is worth it.

We hope that you enjoy it – and we hope that you find something here which helps you to achieve your goal.

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