What has happended to Everyday Manners? – Email Ettiquette Gone Bad

Okay, off track from the usual subject matter I know.

BUT……what is happening today with email manners?  Why do people today not respond to emails when someone has taken the trouble to write them?

Now I don’t know if the usual explanation of “we are too busy” or “I didn’t get them” or “blah, blah, blah” is something that you have experienced, but it is really starting to annoy me.  More so as it seems to be happening ALL the time now.

My view is this.  If someone has taken the time to write an email, whether its a business or personal email, then the person receiving it should take the time to simply respond, or at the least, send an email back saying ‘thank you’.  But that seems to be a considerable effort for some – and its beyond me why.

Is it arrogance? Do they feel far too important to bother replying? Perhaps they can’t write or read? Or perhaps it is the result of a poor upbringing?

I think more to the point, it’s generally a level of arrogance combined with poor manners.  But it is damn annoying I must say.  And it’s really just not good enough.  What if people simply stopped sending these people emails at all?  What if, just as a thought, people decided “well, you can’t be bothered replying – so I just can’t be bothered with you!”

Today, I think I’ll try that approach…………..

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