Our Eating Behaviours – Laid Bare!!

It’s absolutely no secret that the foods that you put into your mouth on a day to day basis are going to have a large influence over your body weight.  To neglect this fact would be to play ignorant to what could be, one of the biggest health care problems facing society today: obesity.

With obesity rates rising at an alarming speed, it’s time that we start to look a little more closely at the foods that we’re putting in our body on a day to day basis.

Let’s take a quick peak at a few of the scary stats to be aware of and how you can adopt a healthier habit to combat them.

Eating Speed

If you’re trying to lose weight but aren’t seeing much success, you may want to consider just how fast you’re scarfing down your meals.  25% of Americans reportedly eat too fast and don’t give their body a chance to register that it’s had enough food.

Remember, the digestion process takes time and if you’re eating faster than your body can keep up, your chances of consuming far too many calories will be at a record high.

The ‘Clean-Plate Club’

Another big problem is the mindset that you must clean your plate. 27% of people always clean their plate, regardless of whether they are hungry our not.

While some may do this because they don’t want to be wasteful, most do it because they just don’t give it much thought. They eat what they are served. Period.

But, often this comes at a price. We’re dishing up extra larger serving sizes onto our plates, providing us with, at times, over 100% more than we should be eating.

Use smaller plates at meal time to combat this problem if you really must be a part of the ‘clean your plate’ club.

Regulating Your Hunger

If you want to achieve long-term weight loss success, it’s important that you learn how to regulate your eating habits according to your hunger.  But yet, most people are widely out of touch with their own hunger levels.

They’ve been told to eat or not eat at certain times in the day and have lost touch completely with the natural cues their body is sending them.

Instead, focus on your hunger. Before each meal or scheduled eating time, really pay attention to your body and ask whether you truly need the food or not. If you don’t, pass.

Over time, it’ll get easier and you’ll be better able to self-regulate your own food intake.

Take Your Time At Meals

Finally, the last scary state is that 29% of US people eat their entire dinner without ever putting their fork down. This can also increase the risk of eating too fast, which was a problem as noted above and put you in jeopardy of experiencing weight gain.

Put down your fork, take your time, and enjoy your food. Not only will meal time be better, but you’ll reduce the risk of eating too much as well.

So keep these tips in mind. Pair them with a smart fat loss supplement such as Adiphene and you can put your weight loss woes behind you for good.


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